Ever Wonder Why We Don’t Accept Tips?

Tagg N Go Express Car Wash’s no tipping policy isn’t normal for the car wash industry or most service oriented industries. We believe we have a good explanation for our no tipping policy. Tipping was originally designed that if someone gave you exceptional service the consumer would then tip them extra for their service. Now consumers are expected to tip because some owners of businesses are putting the responsibility of paying their employees on the consumer rather than themselves as owners. How did this become so flipped? Since being in the car wash industry, we have studied many various aspects of car washes; one being the tipping model.

Tipping Policy
Tagg N Go Express Car Wash Tipping Policy

We have heard numerous times that people feel that it is awkward when the car wash attendant opens your door to tell you to have a good day because you feel obligated to tip regardless of the quality of their work. They feel obligated to tip whether the attendant did a good job or not. One of our biggest pet peeves as car wash owners is that you as the consumer have already paid for a product or service that you have received, but now you feel pressured to tip whether they did an excellent job or not because they are getting paid minimum wage or less. Since when was it okay to defer the responsibility of paying an employee’s wage onto the consumer instead of the management or owners? Essentially you are paying for the product or service and then paying the employee’s wage to do the job that they were hired to do by the company. Because we are the owners we feel that it is our responsibility to pay our employees a decent wage to perform the work that we hired them to do. Not only do we start our employees above minimum wage, but we also implement incentives for our employees on their knowledge and performance of their work. If they are doing an excellent job they will get paid better because of their performance, not based off having the stress of getting cars in and out as quickly as possible so they can receive the next tip. Our employees work hard every day and we want to make sure they get paid for their work, whether it’s a slow day or busy day. We love our staff and we want them to know that they are valued by us the owners and not just by the tips that they may or may not receive. We also value our customers and we never want them to feel stressed, awkward, or uncomfortable at our wash. We believe that it is our job to evaluate our employees and their work every day and to continue to help them strive to give great service daily.



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