“How We Got Our Start” by Town & Country Bank

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Allgood and Atkin Family

Here’s the story of two Southern Utah boys who made good.  It’s also the remarkable story of Tagg-N-Go Express Car Wash—the newest, most innovative car wash in town. About four years ago, Quinn Allgood and Conner Atkin discovered they shared the same goals: work for themselves, have time for their families, offer a better service to customers and build a successful business.  So, they hooked up as business partners to pursue their mutual objectives.
Thanks to fortitude and hard work, things are really working out. Quinn has lived in Southern Utah for over 20 years.  His father owned and operated Allgood Coin in St. George until he was tragically murdered in the coin store in 2003.  Quinn was only 14, but he knew from that moment on that he wanted to be an entrepreneur just like his dad.  He went on to graduate from Pine View High School, and then earned
his Business Administration degree from Dixie State University.  In achieving another goal, Quinn married his high school sweetheart, Courtney Jolley, and they now have a little two year-old boy named Jordan Perry, or “JP”, in memory of his late father Jordan Allgood. Conner Atkin was born and raised in St. George.  In 1998, when he was just eight years old, his father Brent Atkin was tragically killed in a trucking accident while traveling from Conner’s family cattle ranch on the Arizona Strip.  Remembering the opportunities to work with his dad, Conner decided that he, too, wanted to work for himself.  Like Quinn, Conner also graduated from Pine View High and he attended Dixie State University, where he obtained an accounting degree.  Conner met Natalie Belka at Dixie State University and the two married.  They now have two kids, Rhen and Evelyn, who keep them as busy as two little ones are wont to do. After college, Quinn and Conner went to work at a financial institution together, and that’s when they began talking in earnest about what they could do together to fulfil their mutual goals.  Ultimately, the car wash business emerged as the means to their desired end.  These two have become passionate about car washing as they’ve learned more about the industry and the apparent need for professional car washes in the market place.  Since then, Quinn and Conner have built a sort of car wash empire with three operating facilities in three cities.  Soon a fourth will open.  Their value proposition is simply this: a very QUICK car wash with state-of-the-art equipment that provides a final rinse with purified water that will never leave water spots.

Quinn and Conner cutting a radio ad

How cool is that? “Town & Country Bank is great,” says Quinn.  “Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.  They lent to us in the very beginning when no one else would, and they helped us get our start in the car wash industry.”  Town & Country loaned money to them on their first self-serve car wash in Hurricane, Utah.  Then Town & Country made financing available again for their second self-serve car wash in Cedar City, Utah.  As business progressed at these washes, Quinn and Conner could see a need for an express tunnel in the St. George market:  a fast, affordable option to wash a person’s car quickly and with great service.  They set out to build a 200-foot express car wash in town, and after three years of persistence, they were able to open the doors at their current location on Sunset Boulevard.   In December, Quinn and Conner are expecting to open the doors at their
River Road location, which is currently under construction.  With unlimited washes starting as low as $20 a month, they are one of the best options in town! Conner Atkin says, “We will forever be grateful to Town & Country Bank for taking a chance on us.  We were young and ambitious, and the staff over there really took time to get to know us personally, instead of just turning us away because our business was a car wash.  Thank you Town & Country Bank!” In turn, Town & Country Bank is proud of Quinn and Conner.  Like the bank, they have a vision to be unique and to deliver uncompromising service.  What’s more, they’ve proven they can accomplish their stated goals.  We’re sure the twosome will keep on working and fine-tuning to provide the most innovative and finest equipment and best service for their customers.  Tagg-N-Go, we salute you!

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