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One of the newest features we offer is our new mobile app. The app offers many benefits, some of which include the ability to purchase washes right from your phone and you can digitally send washes to friends and family members as well. One of our favorites features is our new referral program. For a limited time, if you are a member and you refer a friend, then you both get a free month!

How it Works

First, you’ll need to download the app. You’ll go to the app store on your phone and type Tagg N Go Express Car Wash into the search box. It will pull up our app and you can then download it for free.

Next, you’ll want to register an account with us. If you’re an existing member it will ask you for you RFID tag number which you can type in. Doing so will bring up your account information. If you aren’t a member it will ask you for your email address and phone number, from there you can make an account.

Once you download the app and register it’ll take you to the home screen. On the home screen you’ll see options to manage your account, buy washes, send washes, etc.

If you click the hamburger button in the top left corner it will give you a list of options you can choose from, you’ll want to click Referral Rewards.



Clicking Referral Rewards will show you how many free months you’ve acquired and how many people you’ve referred. It also has the referral URL you’ll use to refer friends.

Referring friends can only be done through the app. All our referrals are processed through our specific URL. You can email or send a text to someone from the app that includes the URL. If you refer someone they will get an email like the one below. If you are referred and come to the office to sign up for a membership, then you will not receive the free month nor will the person who referred you. The referral program runs solely through the app.


The Benefits

If you refer friends and they sign up for an Unlimited Wash Pass, then you’ll both get a month free. For existing members, the free month will follow the conclusion of your current month and new members will pay for the first month and get the second month free.

Not only can you get a free month but when you download our app you’ll get a free wash when you register. If you are a member and we have your email, then you will receive $5 off a wash once a month. So, download the app now and check it out!!

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