New Benefits for Unlimited Pass Members


At Tagg N Go we make it a priority to offer you the highest quality washes, the best service, and the greatest experience here at our wash. We also make it a priority to use the best technology available to make sure you receive the quality we strive for. We recently implemented a new system and with it came some new features, below are some of the new benefits you can now receive with your Unlimited Pass when you Register Your Account.

You now get $5 off any wash once a month*

For many of our unlimited wash members they have the unlimited wash pass on certain vehicles, but not on others. This is simply because they don’t always wash some of their vehicles as often as others. With this new feature, you are now able to wash those less used vehicles once a month, for a lower price

Plus, you’ll receive a FREE birthday wash*

Every year you will receive one birthday wash per billing account. Click the link below to Register or see an attendant at one of our 2 locations to be put on our VIP email list.

The ability to manage your account online*

With this feature, you can now manage your account online.  Changing your credit card information or editing your account is simple and hassle free. Just click on the Manage Unlimited button on our home page or click the link below, when you need to update your account.

Signing up for our unlimited wash pass is easy*

For your convenience, we now offer 3 ways to sign up for our unlimited wash pass. You can sign up at one of our 3 pay stations, online, or in our office. If you ever decide to cancel or change your wash type you can manage your account right from your phone.

*You must register your account online or in the office in order to receive these benefits

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