Quinn Allgood


Qfullsizerenderuinn Allgood graduated from Dixie State University with his Bachelor’s in Business Administration in May of 2014. Quinn has lived here in St George, Utah for just over twenty years and has truly grown to love the Southern Utah area. He married his high school sweetheart Courtney Jolley who was born and raised in Washington City, Utah where her great-great grandfather was one of the founders.

Quinn’s father was the founder of Allgood Coin here in St George, Utah and Quinn was his right hand man. This is where Quinn learned his hard work ethic and attained his drive to become a young entrepreneur like his father. In 2003, his father was sadly murdered in a robbery of the coin store. At the time Quinn was only 14, but he and his grandfather kept it running for a year before they sold it to one of Quinn’s father’s best friends. The coin store kept the Allgood name and is still thriving today.

Through the examples and trials that Quinn has had, it has taught him to love life and to always strive to become a better person for his family and society. Quinn has been actively involved in the community and continues to give back. Quinn has been the President of a Home Owners Association for the past 5 years and has also sat on the Board of Directors for the Dixie Power Kite Festival. All of these opportunities have helped to develop great strengths and attributes that have helped Quinn succeed in many endeavors.

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