Everybody loves a clean car. The kids think going to the car wash is an adventure. Your friends appreciate the fact that they can see the floor of your car when they catch a ride with you. Maybe you even win some brownie points with your spouse if you vacuum out your car and get it washed. Overall life is a little better when you have a clean car. If those aren’t good enough reasons already then here are a few logical reasons why keeping your car clean is a good idea.

It looks better

Pretty obvious, right? Who doesn’t want to impress their friends with a clean car? However, keeping your car looking good can help it retain its value. Which is helpful when trying to resell the vehicle or simply keep it looking good through the years.

Dirt can be damaging

You may think that dust and dirt is just an eyesore but dirt can be very damaging. Dirt can act as sandpaper, weakening and wearing down paint. Paint helps protects the body of the vehicle, so when it begins to chip it exposes your vehicle to the elements. Elements can slowly cause the frame of your vehicle to erode.


Can prevent costly repairs

Routine car care is important in preventing costly damages. Rust or paint chips can lead to the corrosion of your vehicles frame. These damages can cost a lot to repair later down the road. Additionally, vacuuming and cleaning mats will also help maintain the interior of the car, preventing costs to restore them.

Keeps you safer

When your vehicle is covered in a layer of dust, dirt, and bugs it reduces visibility as you are driving, especially when light conditions change. It can also help other drivers see your vehicle a little better. Dirt can cover tail lights, preventing others from knowing when you are switching lanes or braking.

Not only are you safer while driving, keeping the interior of your vehicle clean can keep you healthier. Lots of bacteria can accumulate on your steering wheel, dashboard, and upholstery. So, cleaning the interior can do a world of good.

Oh, did we mention our vacuums are free with every wash?  Plus, for those of you who can’t stand a dirty car, we offer an unlimited wash pass so you never have to worry about a dirty car.

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