Meet the Co-Founders

Have you ever met two people that you know would make a fortune if they had a sitcom? If so, then you have probably met Quinn Allgood and Conner Atkin.

The unlikely pair grew up in St. George, Utah, and became best friends after working together as Bank Tellers in 2012. They bonded over their passion for providing a loving life for their small families which stemmed from the loss of their fathers at a young age. Shortly after becoming friends, they discovered that entrepreneurship was a likely but terrifying new option for them to explore. Trying penny stocks may not have been the best entrepreneurial money maker, but without the TAGG penny stock, the name Tagg-N-Go wouldn’t be here today!

Their first business endeavor together was the purchase of a self-serve car wash. The experiences they faced there together set them up for the twists-and-turns of navigating the car wash world to come.

In 2022, Tagg-N-Go is now the fastest-growing locally-owned car wash in Utah with locations from Mesquite, Nevada to Roy, Utah!

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