After both Quinn Allgood and Conner Atkin lost their fathers at young ages—nobody would have expected that they would have turned the tragedies into inspiration to start their own business. However, today they are the proud owners of Tagg-N-Go Express Car Wash. Quinn and Conner became business partners in May 2012. They were both working at Zions Bank and had a lot of time to talk about their goals, aspirations, and future plans. Quinn said, “We knew we had similar goals—we both wanted to start our own business to be able to support our families. After we realized we had the same goal to be self-employed we became business partners in the lobby of McDonald’s. We went there to set up our business structure and use the free Internet.” Conner added, ““When people ask us if we saved the first dollar we earned and put it in a plaque, we say, ‘No way! We needed that first dollar to pay our bills. We definitely had to get creative with our financing because we had very little money between the two of us.” However, this didn’t deter the vision that they created.

The duo attributes much of their success to their fathers—who were both entrepreneurs that were tragically killed. Quinn and Conner  always wanted to be like their fathers. This helps them strive to be their very best. Quinn and Conner draw inspiration from their late fathers, their families, and of course their customers. Quinn indicated, “Our wives and kids keep us going each and every day. Seeing them, keeps us inspired.” Conner added, “Our inspiration also comes from our customers. Interacting with them is most rewarding. You truly can make someone’s day better by being kind or by a clean car, and that is pretty neat. We both love the business.”

Meet The Team

Quinn Allgood


Conner Atkin


Chandler Day

General Manager

Jennie Campbell

Dir. Of Customer Experience

Jenn Rhodes

Area Leader

Karson Brinkerhoff

Area Leader