Frequently asked questions

What makes Tagg N Go Express Car Wash different?

Tagg N Go Express Car Wash is the next generation of quality car care. Instead of a 30–60-minute wait at a full-service car wash, Tagg N Go guests get in and out in as little as 4 minutes. At Tagg N Go every wash includes a final rinse with purified spot-free water so your vehicle will never have water spots. For guests who want to clean their own interior, Tagg N Go Express Car Wash includes the FREE use of our powerful central vacuums with every wash. We also have vending machines that offer a wide range of interior and exterior car care products. 

What does TAGG stand for?
Tagg stands for Two Awesome Great Guys. That’s what Conner and Quinn always say when people ask. But really, it makes sense and came about for two key reasons. The first is the unlimited wash pass sticker that goes into your windshield is called a tag. This gives you the ease of access and convenience at all of the Tagg-N-Go locations. So, the name fits perfectly for the business model they wanted to create. 
You may wonder what the second reason is and why there are two “G’s” in Tagg-N-Go. Quinn and Conner bought into a penny stock when they very first started out as business partners. They bought into a stock called TAGG. It originally went really well and then like most penny stocks went to 0. At that moment, they decided to look into different more secure options and vowed to not let that business failure define them. This is why Southern Utah now has a car wash named “Tagg-N-Go”
Are the vacuums free?

Yes! Our powerful central vacuums at Tagg N Go are always free with a purchase of any car wash, if you don’t purchase a car wash there is a $2 charge, please see attendant. Tagg N Go Pass holders are welcome to use the vacuums whether they wash the exterior of their vehicle or not.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, we do offer gift cards in any amount. Please see our car wash attendants for more information.
Do you accept muddy or icy vehicles?

We will accept muddy/icy vehicles depending on how busy we are; however, we do reserve the right to refuse service. There is an additional charge for muddy/icy vehicles, even with an unlimited pass, at the car wash attendants discretion ranging from $3-$20. Pricing is determined by how much mud/ice the vehicle has accumulated and/or how busy we are.

How often should I wash my car?

That depends, plenty of factors determine the frequency of car washes. Road conditions, driving wear and tear, and weather can play a role. In general, we recommend washing at least twice a month to keep your car looking like new, maintain a good clear coat finish, and to retain its value for resale.

Is Tagg N Go safe for the environment?

Yes, we are proud members of the Water Savers Program and WCA’s Water Wise Program. When washing your vehicle in our state of the art car wash, you are conserving water and helping to protect the environment. Tagg N Go Express Car Wash reclaims, recycles, reuses and purifies a portion of water that is used in the cleaning process. This results in significant water savings over traditional at home car washes or hand washing. We use cleaning chemicals that are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. Because we control the flow rate and the water pressure, we use far less water per car than washing at home. When you wash your vehicle at home it can be damaging to the environment. Typically home car washes use more water and it is nearly impossible to recapture soaps, cleaners, road grime, oil and other contaminants that end up soaking into the ground and/or run into the storm drain system which pollutes our drinking water. We at Tagg N Go are proud to offer the clean green solution.

What is Tagg N Go's Spot Free Rinse?

Tagg N Go Express Car Wash incorporates state of the art water purification (reverse osmosis & soft water) systems in every wash. The purification system removes 99.8% of the minerals and impurities that would leave water stains on your vehicle in a normal wash.

Is it really better to wash my car at Tagg N Go rather than at home?

Tagg N Go Express Car Wash offers many important advantages over washing your vehicle at home. Our car wash applies high tech chemicals that clean dust, residues, and offer added protection. Most important, Tagg N Go Express Car Washes save time, money, and resources in a variety of wash packages to fit your budget.

Will an application of Clear Coat Protectant or Carnauba Wax actually make a difference?
Yes, research and development have led to the creation of protectants and shining products that are far better for your paint than traditional wax applications. Products like Carnauba Wax, Rain Protectant, and Triple Foam Polish protect your vehicle against all types of weather conditions. We recommend regular application of one or more of these products to help maintain your vehicle.
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as cash transactions. Our automated pay stations or car wash attendants will assist you with your individual wash selections and payment options. If you’ve purchased our Tagg N Go Pass, your RFID Tagg will be read by our equipment which allows you to go right through our car wash hassle free.

What vehicles do you not wash?

Trucks with dual rear tires
Flatbed trucks, or trucks with fuel tanks, loose items, and debris
Vehicles that sit too low to the ground, clearance of 5″
Lifted vehicles that are too high, 7’4″ maximum clearance
Trucks with greasy fifth wheels
Certain tires may be too wide to fit on our conveyor, max 12.5
Vehicles with ladder racks, luggage racks, etc.
Recreational vehicles, campers, and trailers
Any other vehicle with aftermarket parts which are not deemed to be safe

Tagg N Go Pass Disclaimer
Why we don’t accept tips

Tagg N Go Express Car Wash’s no-tipping policy isn’t normal for the car wash industry or most service-oriented industries. We believe we have a good explanation for our no-tipping policy. Tipping was originally designed that if someone gave you exceptional service the consumer would then tip them extra for their service. Now consumers are expected to tip because some owners of businesses are putting the responsibility of paying their employees on the consumer rather than themselves as owners. How did this become so flipped? Since being in the car wash industry, we have studied many various aspects of car washes; one being the tipping model. We have heard numerous times that people feel that it is awkward when the car wash attendant opens your door to tell you to have a good day because you feel obligated to tip regardless of the quality of their work. They feel obligated to tip whether the attendant did a good job or not. One of our biggest pet peeves as car wash owners is that you as the consumer have already paid for a product or service that you have received, but now you feel pressured to tip whether they did an excellent job or not because they are getting paid minimum wage or less. Since when was it okay to defer the responsibility of paying an employee’s wage onto the consumer instead of the management or owners? Essentially you are paying for the product or service and then paying the employee’s wage to do the job that they were hired to do by the company. Because we are the owners we feel that it is our responsibility to pay our employees a decent wage to perform the work that we hired them to do. Not only do we start our employees above minimum wage, but we also implement incentives for our employees on their knowledge and performance of their work.  If they are doing an excellent job they will get paid better because of their performance, not based off having the stress of getting cars in and out as quickly as possible so they can receive the next tip. Our employees work hard every day and we want to make sure they get paid for their work, whether it’s a slow day or busy day. We love our staff and we want them to know that they are valued by us the owners and not just by the tips that they may or may not receive. We also value our customers and we never want them to feel stressed, awkward, or uncomfortable at our wash. We believe that it is our job to evaluate our employees and their work every day and to continue to help them strive to give great service daily.