About the Scare Wash

Every year Tagg N Go takes suggestions from the community to find local families battling cancer and hosts a haunted car wash to raise funds for these families to help offset the costs of battling cancer. One of our co-founders, Quinn Allgood, lost his mother to breast cancer and now has a passion to help local families with the financial burden that cancer carries.

Join us every Friday, Saturday, and Monday from October 14- October 31st from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Tagg-N-Go St. George Costco & Cedar City Main Street locations for this spooky wash that benefits our local community.

The cost is $8 for current Unlimited pass holders and $22 for non-pass holders to get a scary Platinum wash. All profits from this event go to the recipients. Come get scared for a good cause!

Meet the 2022 Recipients

Payton Higgins

In 2021, Payton was preparing for his senior year of baseball while pursuing a graduate degree at Bellevue University in Nebraska. In December, he went to see his doctor for abdominal pain and the pain was written off as heart burn. A few weeks later, Payton was able to see his hometown doctor in Cedar City while he was home for Christmas Break. After tests and scans, it was clear that there was malignant disease present which has been diagnosed as Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Payton had to move home to Cedar City with his wife to be near his support system and family while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. He missed out on his Senior Year of Baseball but continued his schooling through August 2022 to finish his degree. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will finish at the end of 2022.

Nicole “Nicky” Woodruff

In 2019, Nicky was diagnosed with Mucinous Carcinoma, a type of breast cancer. The cancer tested estrogen positive, giving her a higher chance of getting Uterine and Ovarian cancer. Since the cancer was estrogen positive, it was treated aggressively. She had a double mastectomy and a full hysterectomy.

Nicky was in remission and recovery for 3 years until May 2022 when she was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer and cancer was also found in her Liver. She has two tumors, one of which is 15cm large, which means it cannot be removed because of the size. She is now doing chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, which has caused her to lose her hair and some of her strength. She will go through 9 weekly treatments of chemo before doing more tests to determine the next course of action.

Charlie Jessup

In June 2022, Charlie (age two) was hardly eating, constantly getting sick, always sleeping, crying, and even sometimes limping around the house in pain. His family rushed him to the ER for a blood transfusion after getting lab work done and was transported to the cancer unit at Primary Children’s immediately after. He was then diagnosed with Leukemia (blood cancer).

Charlie has always been a smiley chatterbox and loves to wave at strangers, jump on trampolines, and ride his bike down the road. It has been hard for his family to watch their fun, happy-go-lucky little guy become exhausted, sick, and traumatized during his treatment but he continues to smile and remind them he is “strong like Spidey.”

Charlie will undergo at least 2.5 years of chemotherapy in the hopes of fighting the cancer for good. For more details on his journey and recovery, visit @strong.like.spidey.

Vendors Needed!

We will be offering activities and games on the Fridays of Scare Wash 2022. If your business would like to donate time and services as vendors to participate in Scare Wash on October 14th, 21st, or 28th, please message Tagg-N-Go on Facebook/Instagram or send an e-mail to Skyler at community@taggngo.com.