Happy Customers

Excellent car wash with great vacuums. I have been here several times and the car always comes out very clean. Workers do a prewash before entering the tunnel, then machines do the rest.
Basic wash is $8, I have never tried the more expensive wash as the basic works great. Monthly all you can use wash plans available.
The monthly pass is amazing. Literally you can go whenever you want. I’ve gotten the pass on and off and will go through with my kids almost for something to do. Win-win all around.
I love this place!!! Brilliant concept!! My favorite part is the amazing vacuums that I can access from either side of my car and they have great suction!! I also like that I don’t have to worry about tipping someone to dry my car. The owners are some of the best people I know, too! Once you get your car washed here you won’t go anywhere else!!
Love this place. I have all my vehicles on the 30-day plans. It’s great to just drive through and bypass all others. Plus I can wash my car multiple times if needed. With all the construction around River Road, my cars need it!
The automatic car wash cleans your car fast, and the free to use vacuums and air compressor helps finish the job.
This is our favorite car wash when we’re wanting a quick, cheap, no tipping car wash. Their fans blow so hard you don’t really need to towel dry your car. I love that there’s no one standing there waiting for a tip. Another upside their vacuums are free. No need to hurry and beat the timer or rush to put more quarters in.
Nice and always clean facility. The employees are very helpful and always cheerful. The monthly packages are great value for the service also.
Theres NO PLACE that cleans your vehicle like THIS place! And their vacuums REALLY SUCK!! The personnel are ALWAYS super helpful. Great “bang for the-buck value.
I really like this carwash. I have a large truck and it is easy to get into.
Very affordable. Clean. Equipment always working properly. Nice concept to have a vacuum and air spray available on both sides. Employees always available for a question or help if needed.
Location on WEST side of River Road very convenient from either direction. I love my clean 4Runner thank you!
Best car wash in Southern Utah! They have the friendliest and most helpful employees.
Love this car wash, I have the monthly tag and I just pull up, the gate lifts and you go in. So simple and easy. It’s a great value, especially when you have a white vehicle with the red sand…. lol
Also the vacuums are AMAZING!!! They are on both sides of the car so no more stretching the hose all the way thru. They also have a blower and it works so great for cleaning out cup holders, blowing the dust off of everything ect.
Do it.
Love it. The wife got a membership for her truck. Super convenient on the way to work or back home from it we pass by and always wash the car. It’s quick and easy and everyone there has been great.