At Tagg-N-Go, we are committed to finding new ways to bring value to our customers and passholders. All sites now have a Dry-N-Shine added to the end of our wash tunnel after the dryers and is available for our Shine and Platinum level washes. 

What is a Dry-N-Shine?

The Dry-N-Shine is a rotating soft microfiber top brush that gently rolls over the top of vehicles at the end of the wash tunnel before exiting. This helps to remove additional moisture remaining after the blowers.

Why is it worth getting? 

Forced air drying systems remove the majority of the water and moisture after a car wash but they leave about 20% of the surface water on the vehicle. Using a Dry-N-Shine after the drying system helps to remove water droplets from the top of the vehicle that can be difficult to reach and must either be wiped down by the customer or it will dry and/or slide off the vehicle as the customer drives away from the wash. By removing the majority of the water droplets after a wash, the vehicle will look clean and shiny longer between washes. 

How does it benefit me?

Having the Dry-N-Shine on the Shine and Platinum washes is an added convenience. Don’t have the time or ability to wipe down your vehicle after the wash to get water droplets on the top of your vehicle? The Dry-N-Shine has you covered. 

Try the Dry-N-Shine at a location near you!