Let’s face it: washing your car isn’t too much fun and often the results don’t meet our expectations. With all the time we spend at work, shopping, and maintaining our homes, most of us only have so much time to find a car wash. If you’re looking for a way to save time and money, consider signing up for a car wash membership! How do they help you save money and time though? Let’s look at their true value and show whether it pays to join a monthly membership.

Automatic car washes are faster than the typical DIY car wash, which saves you time.

If you’re looking to save time while keeping your car clean, there’s no better choice than an automatic car wash. Washing your vehicle at home averages 30 minutes per vehicle. If you washed 5 vehicles per week, that would be 150 hours every week and 7,800 hours every year!

An automatic car wash averages 5 minutes to go through the tunnel. This would reduce that same time investment to 25 minutes to wash all five vehicles each week and 1,300 hours each year.

One low monthly fee allows you to wash your car as often as you want, so you can easily keep your car clean.

While most people only wash their car once a week or sometimes once a month, an unlimited pass allows you to wash your car every single day the car wash is open! Go get a wash on your way to work, on your lunch break, on your way home, and on your way to the store. It’s unlimited, so why not?

To wash your vehicle at home, you could spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each month on the chemicals needed to get the same level of wash as your membership. Do your budget a favor with the consistently low monthly membership fee to get the luxury of the tire shine, wax, triple foam coating, and clean car aroma.

You don’t have to worry about wet or dirty clothes while washing your car.

Washing your car can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. If you don’t have the time to get your clothes wet and dirty while washing your vehicle, an automatic car wash saves you the hassle. An automatic carwash allows you to drive in and drive out without the need to exit your vehicle. That saves you a ton of time and laundry later!

Car washes use less water than a typical at-home car wash, so they’re environmentally friendly.

When washing your vehicle at home, it’s difficult to meter your water usage consistently. Automatic car washes have the water down to a science to meter how much they use per vehicle, reducing usage up to 70% less water than washing at home. They also have reclamation systems in place to recycle the water and chemicals used in the wash, preventing the chemicals from contaminating the drains and waterways. This saves you money on your water bill and reduces waste to protect the planet’s resources.

TLDR: A membership at an automatic car wash helps save you time and money!

We all want to save time and money; a monthly membership at an automatic car wash can help you do both without sacrificing quality.

A car wash membership will save you time every week to keep your vehicle looking fresh and prevent maintenance issues in winter weather. You can drive up to the wash, sit back while you go through the tunnel, and get back on your way! It also saves you money because you won’t be paying for all the extra supplies you need to wash your own car every month — you’ll just pay a consistently low price for the membership.

Automatic car wash memberships are more than an investment in your time and money. Automatic car washes use special equipment that helps remove dirt from every crevice of your vehicle so it looks brand new when you leave. If you want an easy way to keep your vehicle shiny and fresh, then look no further than an automatic car wash membership!

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