Winter is the best time to wash your vehicle, especially in areas that use salt and other chemicals on the roads.

These contaminants can cause long-term damage to your vehicle over time, leading to premature rusting or irreparable corrosion. When road salt adheres to your vehicle and the moisture of the snow or slush mixes with the salt, it causes a chemical reaction called oxidation which can cause salt corrosion, eventually leading to the formation of rust on your vehicle. Without regular maintenance and car washes, this can build up on hard-to-reach areas like the tires, undercarriage, fuel lines, and brake system. Washing your vehicle regularly will help lengthen its lifespan and prevent expensive repairs down the road.

When should I wash my vehicle in the winter?

It is recommended to wash your vehicle:

  • At least once every week to two weeks
  • Following any major snowstorm
  • When you believe your vehicle was exposed to salt, sand, and other chemicals or contaminants used to clean the road. 

Wash your vehicle once the weather warms after the storm around 40° F or higher during the day if possible to prevent excess water from freezing. 

Monthly Unlimited plans from Tagg-N-Go Car Wash make maintenance during the winter easy and affordable.

If you wash your vehicle once a week (4 times per month) using the Platinum-level wash:

  • Individual washes could cost $88 per month at $22 for each wash
  • A monthly Unlimited Wash Pass at $34.99 per month would cost $8.75 per wash

An Unlimited Wash Pass protects your budget and keeps your vehicle clean and safe from exposure to winter weather and road grime.