If you have ever wondered if your vehicle is safe to go through an automatic car wash, you’ve come to the right place. Automatic car washes use specially calibrated brushes to clean the dirt and grime from your vehicle. There are certain vehicles and external attachments that cannot safely go through an automatic car wash and can damage your vehicle, the other vehicles in the wash, and the car wash equipment itself. 

These trucks cannot safely go through the automatic car wash:


  • Dually Trucks

  • Flatbed Trucks

  • Fuel Pumps

To ensure the safety of your vehicle, flatbed trucks are not allowed through the tunnel. Due to the bed hanging further than the cab of the truck, the brushes can easily get caught. Fuel pumps are not allowed due to the possibility of the pump getting caught and stuck in the brushes. This event would then cause damage to your vehicle, the equipment, as well as other vehicles. The wash tunnel wheel track only fits a single standard wheel up to 13″, which does not work for a Dually truck with two rear tires.

These external vehicle attachments cannot safely go through the automatic car wash:

  • Rear Cargo Carriers

  • Ladder Racks

  • Luggage or Cargo Racks

  • Bike Racks

Any form of a cargo carrier or rack has a high possibility of getting stuck in the car wash. Due to the shape and size, the brushes have the ability to get stuck which would then cause damage to the vehicle.