If you wash your vehicle at least 3 times a month then this is the solution for you. We have four different unlimited wash programs starting at $25. After you select your wash package, we set you up on a reoccurring plan using your debit or credit card. Don't worry though it's easy to cancel if it doesn't fit your needs just call, email, or see one of our attendants and they will be sure to assist you. Also, we don't expect or put you in a situation where you feel the need to tip (we have a strict no tipping policy). So when we say $25, we mean $25.


When you sign up for the our Tagg N Go Pass, we put a small sticker(Tagg) on the inside of your windshield that communicates with our car wash and verifies that it is you. So as you drive up, our scanners read the Tagg and into the tunnel you go.


Unlimited access mean you can wash your vehicle at any of our locations for no extra cost. There is no limit to how many times you wash your vehicle at Tagg N Go Express Car Wash during business hours. This allows you to wash your vehicle as many times as you want for a set amount of money each month. No more worrying whether it will rain again, it's like owning your own car wash. If you ever feel like you’re ridin' dirty, then come get it clean. It takes as little as 4 minutes.


Our powerful central vacuums at Tagg N Go are always free with a purchase of any car wash. Members are welcome to use the vacuums whether they wash the exterior of their vehicle or not.

Free Vacuums


If for some reason you feel like the Tagg N Go Pass isn't for you then let us know. We want what's best for you and your vehicle. You can cancel at any time we ask that you give us at least 3 days' notice before your next billing cycle.


Car Wash

Quinn Allgood Left, Conner Atkin Right. Tagg N Go Express Car Wash Founders, Owners, and Operators


Quinn Allgood and Conner Atkin had very similar stories growing up as kids. Both of their fathers were entrepreneurs and both of their fathers were killed in very tragic ways. They knew of each other but never were introduced until they worked at a financial institution together and became instant friends. They knew that they wanted to follow in their fathers footsteps and be entrepreneurs. In 2015 Tagg N Go Express Car Wash opened their doors.


All Tagg N Go Express Car Washes are open Monday-Saturday 7:00am-8:00pm. Closed Sundays.