Quinn & ConnerTagg N Go Express Car Wash founded by Quinn Allgood and Conner Atkin in 2015 has been a dream of theirs for years. In 2012 they formed their first business and started trading stocks and looking at real estate to invest in. Eventually after looking at real estate, investing in stocks, and throwing around multiple business ideas they were told about a car wash that was distressed and could use a major face lift. They fixed up the distressed car wash and kept it as a side investment while still working their full-time jobs. After a few months of running the car wash they looked into quitting their jobs and going full-time in car washes. Conner & QuinnThis idea and dream of being entrepreneurs could only happen if they found an additional wash to purchase. Eventually they found another wash and they quit their jobs, took pay cuts, and started on their ventures. After looking at other car washes in the area they knew that there was a lack of a good affordable car wash that was fast, convenient, and produced a really clean vehicle. That’s when they looked into the Express Car Wash model and decided to create their own brand. They pride themselves with the top of the line equipment that will clean your vehicle better then any other wash around. They hand picked their own equipment and created a wash that would deliver quality without someone at the end of the wash wiping down your vehicle. Creating an experience where their is no awkward tipping moments or wiping off spots that were missed in the wash. With FREE Vacuums and compressed air to get out all of the dirt in hard to reach areas there is no surprise that they pay attention to the details.

Quinn Allgoods Family Photo

Conner Atkins Family Photo