Not sure what to expect at the car wash?

Here’s our top tips to help you get the best wash at Tagg-N-Go and feel safe while you’re here!

We are here for YOU!

Before coming to Tagg-N-Go Car Wash:

  • Roll up windows
  • Fold in Mirrors
  • Unscrew radio antennas
  • Clean out truck beds
  • Remove excess mud, dirt, and snow

This helps keep your vehicle and the wash equipment safe!

After you pay for a wash at the Kiosk Pay Station, our Preppers will assist you:

  • Guiding your vehicle into the tunnel wheel track
  • Tell you to put car in neutral, take hands off the steering wheel, and feet off the gas and brake pedals
  • Begin to powerwash the excess bugs and grime
  • Brush the windows with soap for a better clean
  • Place a plastic bag over your rear windshield wiper to keep it safe

Time to enjoy the wash!

  • The wash will take approximately four minutes
  • Turn off the air recirculation setting to smell the fun scents we use in the wash
  • Wait until your vehicle stops moving after the dryers to put your vehicle into Drive and safely exit the wash tire track

After exiting the wash tunnel you can:

  • Drive into an open stall to use the complimentary vacuums, microfiber towels, air chucks, and window cleaner
  • Use our floor mat cleaning machine next to the vending machines
  • Purchase air fresheners from the vending machines
  • Get a dash wipe from the office (if you did not receive one at the Kiosk Pay Station)
  • Get a monthly Unlimited Wash Pass from our App or the office on-site to visit anytime you like for one low monthly fee!

Check out our blog posts and Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about what you can expect at Tagg-N-Go Car Wash!